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Know what your coin collection is worth!

With 40 years of study in American and European coins, I can help you

accurately determine the current market value of your collection while representing your interests!

Whether you just want to know what you have, whether you want to equitably distribute an inheritance, or whether you are contemplating selling your collection, let me be your professional agent.

Additionally, I can guide collector-buyers in making wise purchasing decisions.

All in all, I represent the interests of the client who retains me, whether owner, buyer or seller.​

Use my well-crafted resource book!
The Data Mine of Gold 
is available for only $15 (PDF format).


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​Ethical code: This evaluator is not a merchant or dealer. As a consultant, he does not make a bid on a collection that he represents. He evaluates the collection in the presence of the owner.  All members with interests in any private transaction are invited to the offer/transaction table.  I operate under the provisions and exemptive  guidelines of Statute 2010 Tennessee Code Title 38, Chapter 1, Part 2 and paragraph 38-1-201 *(Clause B)- TCA.

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