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Numismatic Credentials of
David McDonald Yawn
Coin Collection Evaluator
David McDonald Yawn of Memphis has studied coins for 40 years. His research into modern worldwide coins, including those minted in the U.S., has continued. He also owns an extensive library on this subject and has authored the 86-page research work titled “The Data Mine of Gold: A Comprehensive History of Gold Trade” after two years of researching 20 sources.  He has avidly tracked the precious metals markets since the year 1982 and has advised others in transacting gold, silver and platinum.  He is a member of the American Numismatic Association (Member Number - BR-3156427).  He is a coin collection evaluator who focuses his work on representing the retained client’s interests.


He does not expressly buy, sell or personally maintain an inventory of coins for his own account, however, he does offer to make logistics arrangements with those involved in a two-party, private property transaction. During the past several years, David has helped with such transactional logistics involving others’ coin collections individually worth in excess of $161,000 and over time has evaluated coin collections for estates cumulatively worth about three quarters of a million dollars. (The most typical collection averages in the $5,000 to $10,000 range). He is able to determine close parameters and ranges of value approximate to actual marketplace demand at a stated point in time.  If certain coins have value-sensitive intricacies of a certain questioning level, he encourages sending them (to PCGS, NGC or ANACS) for authoritative authentication and grading certifications.

To gain the most up-to-date coin market values, he also subscribes to the weekly updated and authoritative Coin Dealer Newsletter.   David Yawn has been commended by an officer of the Memphis Coin Club for his accuracy in grading coins. He is an annual participant in the WKNO and the Germantown Performing Arts appraisal events. He also has spoken on the topics of coins and precious metals on radio and on the Library Channel.

Meetings and evaluations are conducted at the National Security and Trust Building by appointment or at a location of the client’s choosing. He has a growing list of more than 120 pleased local clients and hopes to gain your trust that you may join them.

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