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The Data Mine of Gold - A History of Gold Trade

This comprehensive history of gold trade takes into account an unprecedented 25 sources in its compilation which took three years to complete. Over the centuries, the search for gold has led men across seas to steaming jungles and icy mountain ranges. The lure of gold has impelled seekers to develop settlements in remote, harsh and untamed areas. Even today, we have inherited everyday terms from that time: mother lode, staking a claim, panned out, pay dirt and the like.

The electronic, illustrated book outlines in detail the definitive framework of gold coins and gold trade worldwide. In its pages, you will find treatises on guiding market factors, facts about this noble metal, gold reserves, production and supplies, banking and gold, electronic forms of trading, the series of 1933 and 1934 confiscation orders, coin facts, and platinum information.

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